A touch of glam with Welly Merck

My tricks for looking & feeling glamorous and put-together

Featuring the Fighter New York rose gold watch by Welly Merck


When I dress-up I like to emulate the red carpet look and feel - natural and understated but absolutely elegant and glamorous. Here are some of my tricks to look and feel like a film star, featuring the Fighter New York watch by Welly Merck (get $50 USD off Welly Merck products with my discount code: WMLouisa50).

Matching your accessories with your outfit and makeup

You don’t always have to match your jewellery exactly (although most of the time, you’ll look more put together when you do!). Sometimes matching your makeup to your accessories can tie together non-matching jewellery. For instance these floral teardrop earring by Forever New has a pink accent and silvery finish, so I paired this with a matching pink lip colour (lipstick in ‘Brave’ by MAC) and silver-hints in my eyeshadow.

Meanwhile a classic rose gold watch by Welly Merck blends nicely with my nude mocha satin dress.

Understanding your skin’s undertone and choosing a colour palette which complements it

My skin has a warm undertone, and colours like rose gold, dusty/blush pink, orange, nude or mocha like this dress tend to flatter my complexion really nicely. Knowing my skin’s undertone is also extremely useful for selecting the right foundation shade, playing with eye shadows and choosing jewellery. To find out what undertone you have, check the veins on your wrists. If they’re green, you’ve got a warm undertone and if they’re blue you’ve got a cool undertone. If you’ve got a mixture of both, you’re neutral (congrats, you suit anything!). When it comes to jewellery, warm undertones tend to suit gold and rose gold while cool undertones suit silver and white gold. You don’t have to follow this of course! I like to wear something warm-toned that flatters my complexion and then I’ll add contrast with something cool-toned. In this post’s featured outfit for example, the complimenting warm colours are the nude mocha dress & rose gold watch, while the contrasting cool-toned colours come from the silvery earrings.

Taking care of your hair

Having a good hair day helps me look & feel more glam. I look after after my hair by getting it trimmed regularly, using a quality shampoo and conditioner, treating it with weekly anti-dandruff shampoo and a hair masque, and gently rubbing argan oil into the mid-lengths to ends of my hair after every wash. It is generally good for your hair to blow-dry it (on a warm setting) although I can’t be bothered and I often just let it dry naturally.

I like to use argan oil and shampoo/conditioner containing coconut oil to keep my hair shiny.

I like to use argan oil and shampoo/conditioner containing coconut oil to keep my hair shiny.

Taking care of your skin

It’s probably obvious, but good skincare can make big difference and I find that makeup just looks a lot more glamorous when I’m having a good skin day. I also find that I tend to use less makeup (especially around the eyes) but my makeup still has that Hollywood red carpet effect like in the photo below! I like to wear a foundation that is fortified with skincare components, like Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Foundation which has hydrating Hyaluronic Acid (HA). My current skincare routine focuses on anti-ageing and hydrating the skin and I use sunscreen, Clinique ID Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly or Clinque Moisture Surge 72 Hour hydrating moisturiser (both of which have HA), an eye cream by Nutrimetics or Estee Lauder and two serums - The Ordinary ‘Buffet’ Serum (twice a day) and the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum (in the evenings) - and a weekly facial scrub and collagen sheet mask.

(Get the look with these products. Maybelline Burgundy Bar eye shadow palette & Maybelline Expert Wear blush (shade 100 Mocha Velvet). These were gifts from my besties Andrea & Suzi - Maybelline Burgundy Bar from Andrea and the Expert Wear blush & L’Oreal lipstick from Suzi. Thanks girls! I love them <3 )

Making visiting the dentist your favourite errand to run

I always look forward to my 6-monthly dental visits. It’s feels quite pampering if you can drown out the drilling sounds. Really though, good oral health and looking after my teeth is my secret weapon for looking and feeling like a star. There are teeth whitening kits on social media that claim to be safe and there’s a lot of charcoal products that people are putting in their mouths… I don’t buy any of it, instead I’ll only use products prescribed to me by the dentist.

The dental assistant told me she gave in and tried Hi-Smile and it didn’t work. My dentist has a fabulous pearly-white smile so I will use what she uses.

The dental assistant told me she gave in and tried Hi-Smile and it didn’t work. My dentist has a fabulous pearly-white smile so I will use what she uses.

Wearing frames that suit your face shape

I used to hate wearing prescription glasses and sunglasses. I never felt like glasses suited me, but it turns out it was because I was wearing the wrong frame shape for my face! Understanding your face shape is helpful when it comes to selecting the right glasses for you. The trick is to wear glasses that are the opposite shape to your face. I have a square face with a sharp jawline so I soften my features by wearing round glasses. Round faces for example often suit square or angular frames.

Another trick I like to use to feel glam in prescription glasses is to wear thin frames in a colour that complements my skin undertones so that the frames blend-in with my face rather than covering it. These rose gold frames by Versace looks quite unique and it makes me feel like a glasses model whenever I put them on!

(Photography by Haidee Rose of Dhee Sign)


Hope my beauty tricks might be useful to some of you! I’d love to hear what you do to look and feel glam! Leave a comment below or on my Instagram.

xx Dr P.


Featured in this this blog post

Welly Merck Fighter New York rose gold watch (26 mm diameter): $149 USD.
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Versace rose gold prescription glasses (model no. VE 1250 1412 pink gold). I’m not sure where you can buy these in Australia (my local optometrist had this only pair in store) but it’s available online.

My nude-mocha satin dress is from Popcherry.

Floral teardrop earrings by Forever New.