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“The Land Before Avocado” by Richard Glover (2018). Published by ABC Books (ISBN: 9780733339813)


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"UQ Student and avocado expert Louisa Parkinson gets big break" - Courier Mail, Quest Newspapers

"SHE’S a poster girl with a passion for one of our favourite toast toppers, and Louisa Parkinson is adamant she can feed the world – one avocado at a time."

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"Saying 'yes' to opportunities shapes career path for UQ biotech alumnus" - UQ SCMB News

"When Louisa Parkinson embarked on her Bachelor of Biotechnology (Honours) studies at The University of Queensland, she knew she wanted to contribute her skills to make a difference in the world.

Five years on, Ms Parkinson is not only busy researching avocado diseases and playing a role in improving food security around the world, but she has also appeared on billboards, online and on television as the featured student of UQ’s latest ‘Create Change’ campaign.

Now a PhD student at the Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation (QAAFI) -- a partnership between UQ and the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries -- Ms Parkinson recalls that it was undergraduate lectures about the positive impact of plant science on global food security that really inspired her to be a researcher."

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“UQ PhD student creating change: we go behind-the-scenes with the face of our new ad campaign.” - The University of Queensland

“Take a selfie at the main UQ sign. Volunteer for a UQ research experiment. How many things did you check off your UQ Bucket List in 2017? 📷@:dr.louisa.parkinson“ - The University of Queensland


“#UQ grad Louisa Parkinson studies #avocados for a living - and she's determined to prevent a #shortage.” - @UQ_News

“She was the face of UQ’s 2015 Create Change advertising campaign - but tomorrow avocado researcher Louisa Parkinson graduates with a PhD” - @UQ_News

“She was the face of The University of Queensland’s 2015 Create Change advertising campaign – but now QAAFI avocado researcher Louisa Parkinson has proven her scientific mettle.” - @QAAFI

“Louisa is the face of our brand campaign! See here: http://bit.ly/1MLGcKH” - @UQ_News

“@louisa_parkinson thanks for sharing some of your work! Very cool! Keep showing the world what women in STEM look like and great work you’re doing. Your voice is needed! You’re an inspiration” - @StemgirlsWorld

“To many she is the 'Face of #UQ', but Louisa Parkinson is also doing her PhD in plant #science. Follow her on Instagram” - @UQ_News

“Last years winner Louisa Parkinson. Talks about the benefits of #3MT and reminds students to breathe in presentation” - @QAAFI

“Gr8 presentation Louisa Parkinson @QAAFI such passion for fungi! @wacperu2015 #WACNZ2019 @JenScoular @NZAvocado” - @Midge_Munro